Saturday, October 11, 2008

another long week

This week has been very long... it started with my "over-doing" last weekend when I got busy cleaning out a ton of brush & trimming bushes in our yard & working on digging all kinds of junk out of our basement, too. From time to time our basement gets wet & unfortunately so did a great deal of stuff in the basement.. digging out wet, moldy stuff is always lots of fun. ;) The job is by no means "done".. but certainly is a lot better than it had been & fortunately the garbage men took all the bags & assorted other crap that I piled at the curb this past week.

My "reward" for being so.. industrious last weekend was to feel crumby all week long. The right side of the back of my head & neck have been killing me for the better part of the week.. downing the maximum amount of ibuprofen that is recommended on the bottle has been the rule of thumb for me. Today finally brought relief.. although I am not sure what made today the magic day! I have a sneaking suspicion that my headaches & neck pain have not been entirely related to my over-doing things... I think that it started as that in the beginning, but also had a great deal of help with the stress level I've been feeling lately.

Yesterday & today, I had another garage sale with my brother & sister-in-law.. beautiful weather both days & I did make some money off of it--not as much as the last one, but it's extra & will absolutely help out.

Monday is Columbus Day & both my fireflies have the day off from school & preschool. They are going to have a surprise sleepover at my Aunt's house tomorrow evening after we go to church & then at least a partial "play day" at her house on Monday. It will be a short week for both of them because my oldest has an in-service day on Friday & subsequently another day off from school. We have also decided to keep the younger firefly home from preschool that day since his brother will be home, his Daddy is taking the day off & his Grandpa will be in town from Mesa, Arizona!! :) We're all very excited about Grandpa's visit.. as I mentioned in my last post, he has not ever met our ladybug in person & she just turned 17 months this week!

As I type this tonight, my fireflies & ladybug are all snug as bugs in their beds upstairs and my husband is watching a movie based on a book he read... not my cup of tea, but I am sorta keeping him company. Although.. my pillows sure all calling my name! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

long time.. no post

Wow! It's been a very long time since my last post. Life has, as usual, been busy with all sorts of things--big & small.

Heritage Days was wonderful this year. Everyone enjoyed the new location on the Lewis & Clark campus' front lawn. The shade and the smaller area made it really feel like a vibrant little village this year. I have heard tons of great feedback about how things went that weekend. :)

Things are starting to get busier with my fireflies at their respective schools now that fall is officially upon us. Our preschool firefly got to go on a field trip to the apple orchard with his Daddy last week & we have a family campfire evening at the Nature Institute, as well as a field trip to the pumpkin patch scheduled with his preschool buddies for October.

Fundraiser pick-up night is this Thursday at our older firefly's school, PTO meeting tomorrow evening & next week is our Fall Festival--my husband & I are running the duck pond station for the evening.

Our ladybug keeps us on our toes.. she is very busy all the time! ;) We're all excited & can't wait for October 16th to arrive... my husband's Dad is coming up from Mesa, AZ for a brief visit. Grandpa hasn't gotten to meet our ladybug in person yet.. just lots of pictures emailed (& snail-mailed) to him. Ladybug will be 17 months old on October 8th.. time sure flies!

Well.. it feels as though this post rambles a bit, but there.. I've posted something in October & hope to get back in the swing of things on a more regular basis! :) Gotta get busy and make apple dumplings to take to Bunco tonight!