Monday, April 20, 2009

please pray..

Please pray for precious Baby Stellan. He is just 5 months old & is scheduled to have a very risky heart surgery called an ablation, tomorrow morning at 7:30am(Boston time). The surgery will be done at Children's Hospital in Boston and he has an amazing team of doctors working on his behalf.

His parents are asking for prayer support & if you want to show your support in a more visible way.. wear some orange in honor of Stellan tomorrow, too! :) I am gonna dig some orange up from somewhere to show my support, too.. can't wait to see how much orange I see tomorrow!

I will try to update on my blog as soon as I get an update from Stellan's blog. :)
Check it out at:

Thank you in advance for your prayers!

Friday, April 17, 2009

i'm still alive ;)

Never fear.. I am still alive. Nothing like taking another month & a half "vacation" from posting, eh?!

As I sit & ponder what to say in this post, I am enjoying looking out the window at the beautiful sunny day that God has blessed us with here. The forecast is for sunny skies & a high of around 75 today.. Hello, Spring!! :) My huge purple lilac is blooming to beat the band & is gorgeous to gaze at through the family room window. When the breeze blows just right it smells wonderful, too. Looking out my other window into the backyard.. our redbud(that we, incidentally, got as a seedling at an Arbor Day celebration 8 years ago) is loaded with pretty purple blooms right now.

This has been a busy week in our household.. our youngest firefly is all registered for Kindergarten now & has had his physical & dental exams in preparation for being a "big" school kid in the fall. My husband took the day off today so that he could go on the walking field trip to the fire station with firefly's preschool class. Preschool is about 4 or so blocks from one of the fire stations in our town & it's a tradition for them to walk to their field trip there every spring. I honestly don't think that they could've ordered better weather for their adventure today.

I am helping decorate for the spring book fair at our oldest firefly's school this afternoon. This evening is the kick-off for it.. Family Reading Night... spaghetti dinner.. and the Mini-Art festival--all rolled into one crazy evening! :) Actually, it should be a lot of fun. Everyone always looks forward to the spring book fair because it is the "buy one book & get one free" sale! :) I am helping this evening with it & I will be working three full days next week, too.

I've really missed being super involved with PTO stuff at school(I took a long break after having my Ladybug & for some other reasons).. so I'm really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I've felt for a long time that God is calling me to volunteer my time at my firefly's school(s).. there are so many kids that don't have positive influences in their lives & it always makes my heart smile to see their faces light up when I see them in the halls. I have always made a point to learn their names & say hello specifically to them, too. I know that for many of the kids.. the only hug they may have received on a given day may have been from me.

Well.. I need to get ready to head over to school, so I will close this first post since my birthday last month! Hopefully I can get back into the swing of several things in my life.. including posting on my blog again! :)