Sunday, May 3, 2009


After a very busy weekend of doing a two day garage sale & cleaning house.. I am truly worn out and most definitely feeling crumby.

Our garage sale was fairly successful, despite the cold & rainy day we had on Friday. And Saturday's warmer sunny weather brought a lot of customers, too. I was able to get rid of a lot of out-grown clothing & some odds-n-ends that have been cluttering up our place for quite some time, too. I am not sure that anyone ever makes as much money as they'd like to make when they have a garage sale.. but I did alright and now we have some extra $$ for Ladybug's birthday and my father-in-law's visit, too.

As far as the house cleaning goes.. it needs to be done--period! But, my husband's Dad is coming in from Arizona this week and obviously, we want it to look nice when he is here. My husband is on vacation for the next two weeks so that he can spend time with his Dad & our ladybug's 2nd birthday is this Friday, so we've got a big zoo adventure planned. He also mentioned that he wants me to make a list of projects that I would like to get done around the house while he's on said vacation.. after I make the list he says that he will look at it & then we can "discuss" it. I am hoping that we will be able to work together to get a lot accomplished while he's at home. :) I have to give him some major credit though... while I was busy at the garage sale yesterday, he swept & scrubbed my kitchen for me. What an amazing surprise.. I could have cried! :)

Now.. to the part where I gripe a bit(maybe a great deal!) about how crumby I have been feeling the past few days. ;) It started out as dust allergies run amok & has morphed, mutated.. what have you.. into a horribly annoying cough that makes my throat hurt. Probably didn't help things for me to be doing a garage sale on Friday when the temperature dropped 12 degrees in a 3 or so hour span and it was windy and rainy the whole day. I am hoping to be on the mend soon.. cuz I don't want to be sick on Ladybug's birthday and I have way too much to do(as usual) in prep for that and for my father-in-law's visit, too.

Well, I am off to check laundry, take more allergy medicine & some ibuprofen.. then it's off to bed. Hopefully I can get some much needed rest tonight.

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