Sunday, May 3, 2009

please pray

I received a phone call from a dear friend tonight... her husband's little brother & his wife delivered a tiny baby boy last week--14 weeks early. Baby Caleb weighed in at a mere 1lb 15oz.

Caleb has not been doing well.. his tiny body has been fighting hard, but he developed pneumonia on top of trying to beat the odds being born so very early. His parents received the news that no parent ever wants to hear this evening.. he has taken a turn for the worse & is not going to make it. They made the heart-wrenching decision to take his tiny body off of life support tonight.

Please lift them up in prayer.. their journey is just beginning. Anyone who has lost a baby or child knows all too well exactly what they are thinking & going through right at this moment. May God wrap His loving arms around them.

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Amy said...

No parent should ever have to go thru this. My heart, well, you know, it aches in pain and swells with love for their little one.