Monday, December 8, 2008

happy 5th birthday, firefly!

Today is my youngest firefly's 5th birthday! It truly is hard to believe that it has already been 5 years since we welcomed him into our little family.

My doctor induced me a week ahead of my due date because in the last week of my pregnancy I had gained 3lbs in water! We arrived at the hospital bright and early that Monday morning in 2003 & excitedly awaited his arrival. My doctor had estimated that our firefly would be about 7 1/2 pounds.. I thought to myself, ok.. that is do-able, a nice size.. not too big. (my oldest firefly came into the world at 6lbs 11oz). They started the iv with all the fun drugs & as soon as my doctor broke my water I was ready for that amazing epidural! ;) After my water was broken, it only took about an hour or two for me to know that it was time to deliver my baby. With all of my children I have been fortunate to only have to push for about 1/2 hour at the most to deliver them.

Then, at 1:45pm he made is debut into our lives! I remember thinking to myself when I first saw my son, he is beautiful & he's huge.. how did I deliver a baby that big!?! ;) It was only after they put him the scale & it read, "8lbs 14.1oz" & measured him at 21" tall, that I was even more amazed! I am only 5' 2" tall and although, I am heavier than I'd like to be.. I'm not that big. I still tease my doctor about his 7 1/2 pound prediction for my almost 9lb firefly! ;) (incidentally, he was better with his guess on our ladybug's weight).

I remember those first few days with our firefly like they were yesterday.. the smell of his tiny little head, the look & feel of his tiny hands & feet. And what an amazing boy he has grown to be.. at 5 years old he already has quite the sense of humor, is on the verge of reading on his own, can write letters & numbers like nobody's business... there are so many amazing things about him, I can't list them all in this post. He's a funny little guy who at times struggles to find his place in our family.. he's a "big" kid, but still isn't totally sure that he wants to relinquish the role of "baby" to his little sister. He is very thoughtful & gives me lots of hugs & kisses, too.

Happy Birthday, My Sweet Firefly! Mommy & Daddy are so very proud of you & we love you to the moon & back! :)

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Happy birthday to your sweet, sweet boy!
It sure flies by, doesn't it?