Thursday, December 4, 2008

happy thursday

Happy Thursday! First, I need to update you on Ladybug's eye.. just a scratch under her eye.. luckily she didn't end up with a big black eye or any other bruising from the encounter with the stocking holder! ;)

Despite all the weather forecasts to the contrary, we merely got a dusting of snow last night. Our yard looks a bit like a big frosted mini-wheat with the grass & leaves poking through the thin blanket of snow. It was pretty to watch it coming down last night & is certainly helping things feel more & more like Christmas.

Today will be busy(as usual).. ladybug & I have Play Pals this morning, then we'll get together with my folks & my youngest firefly for lunch and a few errands. I have some more Christmas gifts to pick up. I am hoping to be able to get another shirt or two for my husband.. the style that he wants was clearanced at one store location(great deal, but they didn't have his size!), so we're going to search for his size at another location today. Hopefully we'll be successful in our endeavor & I can get him a couple to replace the ones that are worn out. :)

Well.. the shower is beckoning me & my youngest firefly & ladybug are busy wathing Diego right now, so I better grab my opportunity for a few minutes of "mommy time" and run with it. ;)


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Oh, a shower would be nice!
Have a great day,

John's Arts & Crafts said...

Greeting! Two years research reveals that Ladybugs do need a home