Saturday, December 6, 2008

happy weekend

Happy Weekend! ;)

Actually, it's been a roller coaster weekend for our corner of the world. We got a call from my husband's mother on Thursday afternoon saying that her Aunt(whom she had gotten herself appointed as "power of attorney" for about 2 1/2 years ago) was not doing well & not expected to live much longer than 24 hours.

So, Thursday evening we all went to see her for the last time at the nursing home.. she was unresponsive & didn't know that anyone had visited her. She passed away around 12:30am Friday morning.. just a few short hours after we had been there. Aunt Vera was 90 years old and was my husband's Great Aunt.. so, she was a Great-Great Aunt to my fireflies & ladybug. The kids were great & squeezed her hand, told her that they loved her, etc. My ladybug waved to her(Vera's eyes were closed, but it was precious to watch), said "bye-bye" and then she blew her a final kiss. It was as if our ladybug knew or could sense that Vera was getting ready to meet Jesus. How glorious it must have been to wake up in God's presence and not be sick or in pain anymore.

My mother-in-law has always had a knack for being over-dramatic, but she is understandably upset over Aunt Vera's passing. I've been trying to help her with phone calls, etc. over the past couple of days & my husband is going to be one of the pall bearers for the funeral that is going to be this coming Thursday. We all knew that this day would come & with each visit that we paid to Vera at the nursing home, it was more clear that she was slipping away from this life, so we are all at peace with her passing.

Our younger firefly's 5th birthday is Monday!! :) We celebrated with some good friends this evening after going to a children's play and having dinner at Pantera's pizza. I baked him a cake and decorated it with a dinosaur and "happy birthday". He really enjoyed it and our friends gave him a "totally cool" Star Wars action figure. ;) I also baked 3 dozen dinosaur shaped sugar cookies for his birthday. He is taking treats to his Sunday school class tomorrow morning & birthday treats for his preschool class on Monday. Tuesday evening we are all getting together as a family to celebrate his birthday with dinner out at Casa Guillardo--he has a free kid's meal postcard from the birthday club to use! :) Yummy.. I can't wait! ;)

Well, it's getting late & now that I look at the clock, it's actually already technically Sunday morning... so I better get my little self upstairs & tucked into bed! :) Good night & hopefully another post tomorrow(I mean.. later today!).

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