Thursday, February 19, 2009

ok.. so perhaps i'm a laundry snob

Today has been another long day for me! I've been super busy doing all kinds of things for everyone with the exception of myself today(of course.. that sorta somes up most of my days.. but anywho!).

My sister-in-law's Grandma is very sick.. in fact, she is near death & has been placed on hospice care at the hospital. She is 95 years old and her body is simply worn out--her mind has been slowly fading away for several years as well. My Mom and I watched my nieces today so that my sister-in-law could be at the hospital with her Grandma Bertha.. to say good-bye and spend a little more time with her so she wouldn't have any regrets. My nieces are some feisty little ladybugs with a ton of energy.. combine that with my youngest firefly & my ladybug and let the "fun" begin! ;)

Overall, they were all good.. no major issues ensued the entire afternoon and all three of the ladybugs did eventually take naps. :) While the kiddos played in the finished basement, I took it upon myself to help out with the laundry room mess. My brother & sister-in-law have a little(okay, a hugely) different approach to how laundry is done at their house.. and I suppose I am a bit of a laundry snob when it comes to how particular I am about how things should be seperated, etc. So.. although it took me several hours, I was able to get all the clean clothes that were literally wadded & piled on the counter across from the washer & dryer all folded. I ran out of laundry baskets to put the folded clothing, towels, bedding.. you name it into. I then took it upon myself to sort down all of the dirty stuff that was piled on the floor of said laundry room into neatly organized piles(adult darks, towels, quilts, dark girls, whites).. you get the picture. I was also able to get 3 more loads washed & mostly dried before she got back home from the hospital. Of course, as usual.. no good deed goes unpunished.. I ended up getting bleach on one of my favorite shirts & my black cardigan, too. ;( (story of my life!)

Although all the hard work that I did today will quite possibly be destroyed in a matter of hours, I am proud of my accomplishment. I feel weird just sitting around not doing anything--especially when the kids are napping, so I made myself useful. My sister-in-law thanked me for what I had done and then this evening my brother called me to say thank you, too. :) It was nice to have my hardwork acknowledged.. sometimes the mundane things of life that nobody thinks much about (until you haven't done them).. go pretty much un-noticed.

Tomorrow morning my youngest firefly & I are going on a special field trip with his preschool to one of our local hospitals. They have what they call "Pink Panther" tours, basically kids(with their group from school or preschool) get to follow Pink Panther on his journey through the hospital to get his broken tail x-rayed & treated. The goal of the tour program is to help kids understand that hospitals aren't as scary as they might think. We are both looking forward to our hospital adventure. :)

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