Tuesday, February 24, 2009

worn out

Okay.. so I am officially worn out & ready to put both fireflies & my ladybug in bed right now--yeah, it's only 6:20pm. Ladybug is just busy all the time & feels the need to get into everything under-the-sun today! The fireflies had been playing in the backyard, under strict orders to not get all muddy.. yeah, like they listened to that commandment. ;)

At least I will get a little break from the fireflies this evening, my husband is responsible for the devotional lesson for the shut-ins at a nursing home in Bunker Hill(about a 1/2 hour to 45 minute drive from our house) and I already informed all the male folks in my household that they will be spending quality time together this evening. :) Most of the time, we all go as a family to the nursing homes & shut-in's houses to visit each month, but I don't have the energy to wrestle my ladybug this evening, so the girlies are stayin' home.

Oh yeah.. and it's National Pancake Day today.. so I am going to be baking some yummy bacon & making up a huge batch of homemade pancakes using my Grandma's "famous" recipe for consumption when all the men folk get home. :)

I have been busy this afternoon with laundry(yeah, big surprise there!).. de-cluttering our entry area & uncovering our dining room table. See, the dining table is the first big flat surface that you come to after walking through our entry area & it always gets piled sky high with junk mail & all sorts of other crap. Of course, at this point.. my stuff is cleared off the table(for the most part) & what is left would be my husband(& the fireflies') model rocket stuff. It is always my goal to keep it cleaned off after every time that I un-earth it.. so far, I haven't ever kept it up.. kinda pathetic, I know. Dare to dream, eh? ;)

I am so.. totally lookin' forward to some quiet time this evening--well, now only the oldest firefly is going with my husband to the nursing home. Yippy! Guess I spoke to soon.. such as life!

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John's Arts & Crafts said...

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