Friday, February 20, 2009

puking, the pink panther & other fun...

So.. this morning started way too early for me. At around 4:30am my little ladybug started crying and calling "Mommy.. Mommy!". I, barely awake, stumble across the hall to see what she needs.. hoping it was a bad dream. I turned on the bathroom light across the hall from her room to give a little light, but so as not to fully awaken her if at all possible. Well, she was already all the way awake & proclaimed to me "froggy ucky.. froggy ucky.. blankie ucky", it was at that point that I quickly flipped on her light & discovered that she wasn't tellin' me a story!! Sure enough.. she had puked all over her purple blanket, her crib sheet, her jammies & her (new) favorite froggy blankie, too! My husband got up to see what was going on and got ladybug stripped down & into a warm bath while I set about stripping her crib(again!) and starting a load of laundry. I got her bed all put back together, she was bathed & put back together herself and we were all ready to go back to bed by 5am. The kicker was that although she was still sleepy, she didn't want to have any part of sleeping in her crib. We let her crawl into our bed with us.. but that was not a comfortable proposition for ladybug & myself. I didn't sleep well at all and "woke-up" with a stiff neck & headache from our early morning "adventure", ladybug slept very fit-fully and ended up sleeping most of the morning at my folk's house while my youngest firefly & I went on our field trip.

The field trip was awesome this morning! We all had a blast at the hospital as we followed Pink Panther to get his broken tail x-rayed, have his blood drawn(turns out it's bright pink!) and then we got to tour the emergency room while he went into "surgery" to have his tail fixed. It seems that Pink Panther was having a bad morning, too.. he accidentally shut his tail in the car door & it broke. The kids were cute as they comforted him throughout the journey. One little boy even held his paw while they drew his "blood". My firefly wasn't too sure if he wanted to get real close to Pink Panther when we were first introduced to him in the hospital lobby as the public relations director wheeled him up to our group.. but he got over himself when I explained that it was actually a person dressed in a costume--kinda like it was Halloween. By the end of the morning my firefly was perfectly cool with standing next to Pink's wheelchair & even gave him a few high-fives, too! ;) All-in-all.. it was a great morning, despite my monster headache.

At one point, I thought that I was going to be needed to babysit my nieces again this afternoon for a little while, but my sister-in-law called and said that her other Grandma was available to watch her ladybugs while they took their afternoon nap. I was kinda glad that someone else was able to do it because I was still fighting my headache, so that was nice to hear. :)

Ladybug & I both had a quiet afternoon hanging out with my folks while my youngest firefly had a playday with my Aunt.. she even offered to pick up my oldest firefly from school and have both of them over to play at her house for a couple of hours afterschool. She's awesome!! :) Ladybug & I both ended up getting naps.. her's was longer than mine, but both were much needed after the craziness that we experienced in the wee hours of the morning. My Aunt even brought the fireflies back to our house for me this evening, too.. so I was able to get a few things accomplished at home--not as much as needs to be done mind you.. but it's a start!

We've got quite a lot going on this weekend.. tomorrow morning my husband is going to surprise our youngest firefly with a trip(just the two of them) to a model train show here in town, then tomorrow evening our fireflies & ladybug get to have dinner and hang out at my folk's while we go to a church meeting. Sunday will be crazy, there is a guy trying-out to be the new minister for our congregation and we have a potluck luncheon after morning services & then a dessert fellowship after evening services!! I am making my homemade spaghetti & meatballs along with a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing for Sunday morning's festivities and chocolate chip cookies for the dessert fellowship. :) I'll be a crazy cookin' woman tomorrow preparing for Sunday!

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