Wednesday, February 18, 2009

rude awakening.. of sorts

It's a drizzly, gloomy-ish day here today & I was moving somewhat slow this morning as I was trying to get myself out of bed and in gear making lunches for the boys. My oldest firefly came down to the kitchen to inform me that he had just gone in to say "good morning" to our little ladybug & discovered that she had puked all over herself & almost everything in her crib. LOVELY!! Thus, the title of my post for today!

She is fine now & you would never know that she had puked early this morning.. happily singing and playing now. :) Needless to say, my morning routine was instantly transformed into see if you can get two lunches made, feed two fireflies breakfast, get everyone dressed, put ladybug in the bathtub(making sure to comb all the puke out of her hair!) and get the oldest firefly to school by the 8:15am bell... keeping in mind that the clock is now reading 10 minutes until 8am! Luckily, we live a couple of minutes from our oldest firefly's school and my husband started a new routine of working 9am to 5:30pm and was able to help get the bath water running & take our oldest to school before his own carpool left. Somehow we got it all done.. but I am positive that if he hadn't been home for us to work as a team, I may have completely lost my mind!

Everyone cooperated fairly well, so things went more smoothly than originally expected when I was told that ladybug was covered in puke first thing this morning. Never a dull moment around here folks! ;) My youngest firefly had a little trouble staying focused on getting himself dressed this morning.. seems that this morning's episode of Diego was way more exciting than putting on his outfit for preschool. We got it all together though & ladybug and I dropped him off at preschool right on time. Today is "Q" day.. they had to take a picture in of something that starts with that letter. After some thought & asking my husband via google chat what I should search for to print out.. we came up with "Quail". The moment he typed "quail" into the chat window I felt somewhat dumb.. however, it had been a crazy morning.. so I suppose I should cut myself a tad bit of slack.

Hopefully the rest of the day will be much less "exciting"! Ladybug & I are having lunch with my Dad today.. my Mom's Sunday school class ladies are having their monthly luncheon. I look forward to getting to have our lunch date with my Dad.. my ladybug adores him(well, actually.. the feeling is mutual, they are buddies). :) We always tease my Mom about the fact that we're going to "crash" their luncheon.. but haven't ever actually followed through with our threat. ;) However.. today it's tempting because they're going to Amarillo Tex.. a great steakhouse here in town. So.. ya never know!

Lovely.. ladybug just announced to me "shoe off off".. I looked down to see that not only her shoe is off, but she has conveniently removed her sock, too! SWEET! Like I said before.. never a dull moment!

Well.. perhaps I should close this post before she decides to try her hand at taking off her pants(which is a new trick in her bag of fun these days). She definitely keeps us on our toes!

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RogerWaggener said...

What's up with "we came up with quail"?

I came up with quail.

And I still say quetzals are cuter than quails.