Wednesday, August 13, 2008

all in a day's work

Well, our younger firefly ended up coming home & sleeping in his own bed instead of having a sleepover at my folk's house last night. Apparently, he just needed some Mommy & Daddy time without his big brother around. ;) I can dig that.

Today has been fairly quiet around our house... my younger firefly & my ladybug have been playing together off & on all day long without too many sharing issues. I've been busy working on stuff for my Secret Sister group's big dinner this Friday evening. My co-leader has been having really bad last couple of months, so the entire thing is on my shoulders for Friday.. not a big deal, it just means that I have to focus & get it done.

Speaking of my co-leader, please keep her & her family in your thoughts & prayers. Mary & her husband, Don(who is an elder for our congregation), lost pretty much everything in a house fire on July 7th.. they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 26th and not quite a week later, Mary's sister passed away in New Mexico. Upon returning from her funeral, Mary has come down with pneumonia and another of her sister's is in the hospital on a ventilator dying from the same condition that the sister they just buried had. I am amazed by their faith and am praying hard that this stormy season in their lives is almost over.

Oh yeah.. on top of my added responsibilities.. my folk's washing machine stopped working! So, I am working on doing several loads of their laundry to get them caught up until they can get someone out to their house to either fix the machine or they buy a new one. It's really not a big deal.. like I've said before, I enjoy doing laundry(I know.. I'm a freak!). Besides.. they have let me use their "laundrymat" on numerous occassions when I have had issues with mine.. so turn about is fair play.

Well.. I need to go get dinner started & make sure everyone has clothes ready to change into for church this evening, too. My older brother is coming up from Texas this coming week to visit & celebrate my folk's 40th wedding anniversary(which is officially this Sunday) and I've got a bunch of baking to do for that, too!! Hopefully I will be able to find the time to post again soon.

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