Tuesday, August 26, 2008

busy week...

So.. last May, I opened my mouth at a PTO meeting & volunteered to co-chair the fall fundraiser for this year. (what was I thinking?!).. actually, I don't think that it's going to be horrible & my co-chair is super organized. The kick-off assemblies are in the morning.

Our younger firefly has a back-to-school ice cream social at his preschool tomorrow evening. He is very excited about ice cream & seeing his friends from last year, too. His first day back will be next Wednesday & he's going to go all day, 3 days a week this year. :)

It's another busy week around here.. Thursday morning we will be laying my sweet Uncle Jackie to rest, the group home where he lived is providing a catered lunch for all of us & his friends from there, at the group home afterwards. They are calling it a Celebration Luncheon to celebrate Jackie's life. :) I would appreciate your thoughts & prayers as we gather together to say goodbye one last time. Thursday evening we have orientation at the oldest firefly's school, too.

I have to share something special with you, too... we went to the group home yesterday to do some more of the paperwork for Jackie. Uncle Jackie loved elephants & we'd given him a countless assortment of stuffed ones over the years. After he died, we told the group home to share his collection with the other residents. Well, while we were there, Ladybug just happened to discover one of Jackie's cute little elephants(complete with his name on one ear & it's tummy). She was immediately drawn to it(she loves all things stuffed!)... but this was a little different--like she had an instant connection with the fact that it had belonged to her Great Uncle & she wasn't giving it up to anyone. I was able to get it away from her long enough for it to take a trip through the washer & dryer last night.. but she insisted on sleeping with it and had to have it as soon as she got up this morning, too. I am glad that she discovered it & fell in love with it.. how special that she found one Jackie's prized elephants. Ladybug will take good care of it for you, Jackie. :)

Ok.. now I am getting myself all upset again about Jackie.. sorry 'bout that. Thank you all(ok, all like 5 or so of you that read this regularly!) in advance for your thoughts & prayers.. they mean more than you know.

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Have fun at the social, I hope it all goes well.
I will be thinking of you in the morning and praying for strength for you all.
And I love that your daughter picked one of his elephants, it will provide countless opportunities for remembrances of him.
My daughter chose for her special stuffed animal, a pink bear that was given to me when I had my stillborn daughter a few years before. Since she was months old, Girly has been snuggling her 'Kalila' bear and can not sleep without it.