Saturday, August 9, 2008

busy bees

It's been a very busy week around our little corner of the world, but none of us are too worse for the wear. ;)

Our oldest firefly attended Music Day Camp at my folk's church this week & seemed to enjoy the introduction to all kinds of instruments. He wasn't crazy about the choral music part of the camp.. guess he's not going to follow in my footsteps with a love of singing.

Although we didn't have a big turnout for the Kid's Ministry Movie Night at our church last night, we had a great time & the kids loved watching the Muppet Movie. We ordered pizza, had kool-aid, homemade chocolate chip cookies, brownies & rice krispie treats, too. It's a bummer that we didn't have very many kiddos show up for it, but everyone is trying to get in last minute vacation time in before school starts up.. most in our area are set to start in another week or so. We are also supposed to host next month's activity.. still working on plans for that though.

Well, today has been busy as well.. I know, big surprise there! ;) We picked the fireflies up from their sleepover at my Aunt's house this morning & headed to the library to return some books, the Friends of the Library were having another used book sale today(books for 10 cents & 25 cents each!).. our younger firefly scored a bag full of books for 50 cents. :) After that, we headed across the mighty Mississippi to get some gasoline for the mini-van in Missouri--the gas tax isn't as outrageous there & we got gas for $3.53 a gallon--that is 23 cents cheaper than it is here in town! By the time that we were done over there it was time for lunch.. so we had sandwiches & chips at home.

This afternoon has been productive.. more laundry; dishes; gave our dog a much needed bath; cleaned out the mini-van; washed car seat covers; my husband changed the oil, oil filter & air filter on the mini-van; mowing 3 yards this afternoon/evening... I may be leaving something out, but you get the picture.

The weather is beautiful here today, so we're trying to get a lot accomplished while still enjoying it. We turned the air conditioner off for the day & have all the windows open today.. it is glorious! :)

Perhaps I should get busy again.. I have to figure out a dessert to make & take to a fellowship at church tomorrow evening & I also have to make a crockpot full of mashed taters for a farewell potluck tomorrow at lunchtime(also at church).

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RogerWaggener said...

Actually only two yards, but that was enough.