Saturday, August 23, 2008

details finalized

As my sweet Uncle Jackie would say.. "well, well, well.." all the details seem to be finalized for his graveside service.

We will be putting him to rest in a private service this coming Thursday morning at 10am. I helped my folks pick out a beautiful urn & vault for him this past Wednesday, but it has all be somewhat surreal. I would love to go with my folks when they talk to the cemetery about Jackie's stone, too.. he loved elephants & I think it would be cool if they could engrave a tiny one on his stone.

I am not thrilled that the staff from the group home where he lived are being allowed to be at the private graveside services.. in my mind they don't have a right to be there.. they're not family & I don't feel that they did the very best they could to take care of Jackie in the last few months. My Dad is Jackie's legal guardian and has the final say.. so I will keep my mouth shut so as to not hurt my Dad's feelings. (that is why I am venting through my blog about it).

I am still on an emotional roller coaster.. I am sure that my husband, the fireflies & my ladybug are getting tired of my crazy mood swings this week.

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

I think you are entitled to some mood swings, nothing crazy about them. I am glad that you have the details worked out now, what a relief that must be.
Thinking of you, bless you,