Tuesday, August 5, 2008

finally some relief from the furnace

Today was another extremely hot day in our corner of the world.. heat itself wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't accompanied by oppressive humidity. This evening we got a bit of a break from the usual midwestern sauna via a big thunderstorm that rolled into the area around 6pm or so. There was a lot of wind & lightning in it.. followed by some monsoon-ish rains, too.

My oldest firefly enjoyed the 2nd day of his music camp today and the younger firefly scored a cool Speed Racer toy from my folks when we went to Target this morning. :) Well.. afterall, big brother has gotten to go to 3 camps this summer (& VBS).. and he only went to VBS.. not a lot of consolation when you're 4 1/2 years old and think you should be able to go with big brother to camp & all that other cool stuff, but you're still too little.. but it seemed to do the trick today! ;)

The house is nice & quiet tonight.. all the fireflies & our little ladybug are snoozing (or on their way to dreamland). My husband & I are getting ready to put in a movie that I picked out through Netflix (it's awesome!!!).. a romantic comedy--I'm sure he's gonna "love" it! ;)

Ladybug goes to see our pediatrician in the morning for her 15 month exam.. still can't believe she's already that old! We are hoping that she has reached that magic 20lbs mark, so that we can turn her carseat to forward facing.. little ones have to be a year old & 20lbs for you to turn them to forward facing in your vehicle. At her last visit(which was when she was sick) about a month or so ago, she weighed 18lbs 6oz.. we are hoping that she's gotten up to 20lbs or more for tomorrow's visit. Believe me, the kiddo eats(& eats & eats!) pretty much anything that doesn't attempt to eat her first & that is saying something considering she still only has 4 official teeth! She is just going to be a petite little princess ladybug.. & I'm cool with that.

Well.. I better close this post & put the movie in before I am too sleepy to enjoy it. ;)

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