Monday, August 11, 2008

girls night

Tonight was big girl's night... my night to go play Bunco with my friends, while my husband has "boy's" night with our fireflies. Well, recently it's been switched to "boy's + girl" night since our little ladybug is walking & into, well.. pretty much everything now. ;)

We had the best time at Bunco tonight & I seriously can't remember the last time that I laughed so.. hard! We all laughed so hard that we were tearing up! :) Laughter certainly is some of the best medicine.

We have been enjoying watching Team USA participate in the Olympics the past few days. My husband & I were screaming/cheering at the television last night as we sat on the edge of our seats watching the Mens's 4 x 100m swimming competition. I found myself trying to push the US team faster in the pool! ;) That was one awesome relay to watch & a sweet victory!! One of my favorite parts of it was when the score was posted & it became clear that "we" won.. Michael Phelps screaming "who's talkin' now?!" in response to the loud statements that the French 4x100m team had made leading up to the relay("we're going to smash the US team"). Well.. not only did they not "smash" us.. we won by like 7 100ths of a second & set the new world record!! :) GO USA!!!

Ever since I was a little kid I remember getting excited about the Olympics. I have never been an athletic person.. but have always enjoyed living vicariously through the super-athletes that have represented the United States. How can you not be excited to see someone representing your country standing on that medal stand & watching your flag be raised & listening to your national anthem all as the entire world watches?! I get a lump in my throat & a tear in my eye whenever "we" win gold.

Oh! I almost forgot.. I scored a xerox copier this evening.. for FREE!! It's a small one with a little metal storage cabinet--for like personal/home office use. It's 9 years old, but is in good condition, has all the paperwork/books with it & a container of toner, too. Some friends of a friend from Bunco were getting a new one--this one only need a $30 part & my friend sent out an email about it this morning. I replied to it first.. so, she delivered it to me at Bunco tonight. :) That will be very helpful to have.. my husband is excited about it.

We are going to go swimming at my "Aunt" Sharon's house tomorrow afternoon. She has been my Aunt's best friend since they were baby's together in the nursery at their church(they're both 66 now). Anyway.. Sharon has an in-ground pool with a diving board & she has graciously invited us, along with my sister-in-law & her two ladybugs, to go swimming. My fireflies are super excited about getting to swim in the big pool at Sharon's house. Last summer our ladybug was too little to get in the pool.. we did let her little feet dangle in the water, but this summer.. she's all about the "poowah". She points at my folk's pool & says that excitedly, too. :)

Time to close for now & climb the stairs to drift off to dreamland.

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