Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mission Complete

Good news! I finally got all the priming & painting done at my folk's house on Thursday afternoon. It seemed to take forever, but furniture had to be moved & stuff taken down off of the walls.. then a few places needed to be patched, the entire room & hallway that adjoins it needed to be primed. It was a long week, but we got it done & it looks nice.. brighter in both areas. :)

Yesterday we went back-to-school shopping for the boys. This weekend in sales tax free in Missouri on school related purchases & I had an good coupon for The Children's Place outlet store at St. Louis Mills.. so my folks, the two fireflies, my ladybug & I all loaded into their mini-van and we were off! I love the clothes at Children's Place and especially love the clearance racks at the outlet!! (plus, they let you use coupons there, too!!). Everything that we purchased was on clearance there.. most items for $1.99 or less! My Mom and I had a huge bag of great stuff.. including two pairs of shoes for my nieces--we felt great about what we got & even better that we didn't have to pay the 8.25% sales tax on any of it, too! :) We checked out Old Navy (got a cute bib & onesie for Ladybug & a nice striped polo for my oldest firefly), the Carter's outlet (found one thing for Ladybug--just $3.99), Gymboree outlet (found some more cute stuff on clearance).. all-in-all, we had a good day of bargain hunting. I still need to get both of my fireflies some jeans for school, but that isn't a priority with a couple more months of warm/hot weather in our future.

The fireflies were troublesome while we were shopping.. even with the oldest spending a great deal of time hanging out with my Dad at the bookstore. As the day wore on.. my patience with them was definitely waining, but I do feel like I got something accomplished as far as getting some school clothes for super cheap! Ladybug was a trooper all day long & is a great little shopper. Of course, she's not starting school.. but she scored some adorable stuff, too.

Well, I must close this post & get busy. My Cousin is getting married next month & all us girl cousins are going to a bridal shower for her this afternoon... we decided to do a group gift of something bigger on her list, so.. I need to get that wrapped & fix the card, too. I believe there is also a trip the library in my future, too. :)

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