Monday, July 28, 2008

a painting we will go!

Today was spent helping my folks get their living room & hallway primed and ready to be painted (hopefully tomorrow!). At the end of September they will have lived in this house for 13 years & they haven't re-painted the living room from what the previous owners had painted it (a kinda light taupe-ish color).. so it's about time for a little bit of change. My Mom picked out a pretty creamy butter yellow to re-paint it.. which also means the hallway because of the layout of their ranch-style house.

My "little" brother went over to their house Saturday afternoon & painted the ceiling for them (he's 6'3" tall). That was very nice to have done.. 'cuz even with a roller that has an extender pole on it, at only 5'2" tall it is not an easy or fun task for me to do. :) Yes, I am a munchkin & proud of it! ;)

My Aunt was gracious enough to offer taking the fireflies for a playday this afternoon & my ladybug took a nice long nap with my Dad on my folk's bed while "we" worked on the living room. I say "we" in quotes because, as is a sort of tradition with all projects my Mom & I work on together, I end up doing the majority of the work(manual labor or otherwise) while she "supervises"! ;) I always tease her about it, but don't let it bother me too much anymore (well.. most of the time!). Her supervising ended up in her falling asleep in their glider rocker while I primed my little heart out. Oh well.. I can actually work faster when she isn't in my way working on "stuff".

My husband went & mowed for a widow lady from our congregation this evening and while he was gone doing his good deed, I worked on laundry & made teriyaki chicken with rice for dinner. Everyone really liked it, so I guess that means I will be working it into our menu line-up on a semi-regular basis.

Tomorrow will bring more exciting priming & painting into my life. I am hoping that my Mom was able to get some more priming done this evening so that I can get started with the painting. I can't wait to see how pretty their room will look with the creamy butter yellow on the walls.. it will really look nice with their new couch. I also promised her that I would thoroughly scrub their hardwoods in the living room & hallway before we put the room all the way back together, too. I never learn.. I always have to open my big mouth & offer stuff and it always ends up as lots of work for me! Oh well.. they do a lot for my family & I.. it's the least that I can do for them. :)

Well.. I've got some more laundry to fold & switch over, so I suppose I should close out this post for tonight. Hopefully I will post again tomorrow night after I get home from my friend's Pampered Chef party. :)


SAHM I am said...

I painted yesterday too! With much, much more to do. After a year of living here we just can't stand the baby glue and institutional green anymore!

SAHM I am said...

Uhm, I meant baby BLUE. I need more coffee.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

You are such a loving and giving daughter, God bless you!
We are in the midst of painting too, lots of work.
Have a wonderful time at the party.