Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday re-cap & Saturday morning adventure

Yesterday we picked up my husband early from work(later than originally planned, because he was having issues with a big project) and we headed to Ferguson, MO to have a very late lunch. Our final destination was the Whistle Stop Depot Cafe, located next to train tracks in what used to be an operational train depot. They have soups, salad, sandwiches & yummy ice cream treats.

Since the youngest firefly is over-the-moon for all things railroad, we decided that it would be fun to end our week of him being king with a fun lunch treat there. We had been there once before back when I was pregnant with our little ladybug, so we knew what to expect. There weren't any trains going past while we were there, but he had a good time & my husband enjoyed being silly with the kids.. so it was a good time for all.

This morning we got up bright & early to make the trek an hour & a half south to pick-up our oldest firefly from Camp Ne-O-Tez. He had a blast this week! :) As soon as we got home he went in the bathtub & I made sure that he was thoroughly scrubbed!! I started tackling the camp laundry a little while ago.. some of it can walk by itself. ;) To say that our tiled entry area now smells very much like the monkey house at the zoo is not an understatement (no, seriously.. I am not kidding!).

Our firefly is hoarse.. he didn't completely lose his voice(better luck next time, eh?!). He did end up in the nurse's cabin again this year. As we were double-checking the "lost & found" table before leaving camp, the nurse came over and showed me on his back where she had removed a big tick a few days before. I am glad that she showed me where.. it looks fine, but in the process of looking at where it had been, we discovered another tiny tick on his back not far from where the other one had been. We all headed to the nurse's cabin for tweezers & the big light with the magnifier on it. She was able to get it out, we put medicine on it & I took the opportunity to scan the rest of his torso while the tweezers were still out. Good thing that I did, cuz I discovered a tiny one in his bellybutton, yes.. in his bellybutton! ;) The nurse got it out & we again applied medicine. After we got home and I was inspecting him at bath time, I found another tiny one on his ankle--it had been hidden by his sock earlier.

So.. for anyone trying to keep track.. he ended up with numerous mosquito bites(forgot to put on his bug spray!); 4 ticks total; tons of fun & he got an award for being an "Outstanding Bible Student" this week, too! :) It makes my heart smile to know that he not only had a blast at camp, but he was also a great Bible student. Evidentally, we're doing something right! :)

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