Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy July! & stuff

So... Happy July!  Geez, this year is flying by just like last year did.  ;)

Another beautiful day here weather-wise and somewhat productive, too.  I was able to get a little more done on my list, too.  The fireflies had what they call a "playday" with my Aunt(their Great Aunt), who spoils everyone in her world.  :)  She had to go to Target to get some stuff this afternoon, so of course the fireflies scored some loot while "helping" my Aunt with her list.  The oldest firefly got another lego set & the younger firefly got some cars of some kind.

It is quiet around our house this evening.. just my husband, our little ladybug & I are here. The fireflies went to see "Wall-E" with my mother-in-law this evening.  A local theater has what they call "Bargain Tuesday".. all tickets all day long to any movie they have is just $5 per person & you get a free 46oz popcorn, too.  I am always a little apprehensive when my mother-in-law has my children in her "care".. especially if she is going to be driving them anywhere.  To say that I pray fervently that they will return to me safe & sound is certainly an understatement.  Again.. my readership is basically folks who already know how she is.   (also.. I am not sharing/venting about her to purposely hurt anyone's feelings.. sometimes I just can't always hold it all in!).

The fireflies were barely home from my Aunt's house long enough to scarf down some grilled cheese sandwiches & bolt out the door for their cinematic adventure.  I had seen lots of previews for the movie & read a wonderful review about it on a site that does an awesome job of reviewing movies, music, etc. from a Christian perspective.  So we agreed that they could go with her to see the new movie this evening. 

We just got back from a nice long walk uptown with our little ladybug.  The weather is wonderful and it was fun to take a walk with my ladybug and my husband--there have been only a handful of just the three of us walks, so it made it even more special. :)  Right now ladybug is sitting on her Daddy's lap on the couch saying "Daddy-aDaddy.. wuv wuv wuv aDaddy!".  Do ya think she might like him a little?! ;)  It makes my heart smile to see them together & watching her wrap him around her adorable, chubby little ladybug fingers! :) (although he'll never admit that she has that power over him!). 


SAHM I am said...

If your little ladybug needs even more super powers, I'll show her the "Cow Eyes". To this day, Pop still gives in when I shoot them at him. Unfortunately Gryffin has them- and they work on mom's too.

Ladybug said...

Yeah.. she's already perfecting her skills. She uses her big eyes to charm the socks off of everyone in her little world. ;)