Monday, June 30, 2008

searching for the right words

Tonight I am searching for the right words to tell my two fireflies (especially the younger of the duo) that the last of the three little kittens that I have been trying to "nurse" into at least teenage cathood passed away this afternoon.

You see, my youngest firefly loves all kinds of fuzzy little critters & had fallen head-over-heels for those sweet baby kittens.  He is so gentle and loving with the little guys, too.   I waited a few days before telling him that Marshmellow (Mel for short), the first of the kittens to pass away, had done just that.  He took it fairly well when I explained that he was really sick.. which my fireflies were somewhat aware of.  Then on Saturday morning I discovered that Fluff (the 2nd fluffy white kitten) had passed away during the night. I was heartsick over it because I had tried so very hard to help the little guys.  I buried Mel & Fluff under our redbud tree in the backyard & the fireflies have gone down to "visit" with them.

This afternoon I went out on the back porch & called for Curtis (my youngest firefly named the kittens.. and the black & white one for some reason was dubbed "Curtis".. which he always pronounces "Turtis").  He didn't come like he usually did.. he followed me around all the time "talking" to me.  :)  I did hear him meowing & I looked all around the porch to see where he might be.  I discovered him down under the steps that lead to the sidewalk & backyard... I don't know if he had fallen in between the porch & the top step(that is a hefty fall.. so I am really hoping not) or if he simply crawled under there on his own.  Anyway.. I just knew that he wasn't long for this world by the way that he cried out to me.  

There is barely enough room for me to get my arm in between the steps & the wall to the backporch, but I wasn't going to let him just die under there.  I worked for what seemed like a long time & was finally able to get him out and took him up to the porch.  I placed the poor little guy in the little box that he's been sleeping in.. complete with his towel.  It wasn't very long before he wasn't breathing anymore. The fireflies don't have a clue that he passed away. I know that it is going to break their little hearts because they had become so attached to the little guys (especially Curtis).

Curtis was a cute little kitten. He really enjoyed climbing up on my husband's chest the last few days when he'd be out on the backporch reading one of his books.  I am going to miss having my little shadow & laundry buddy, too.  Curtis was  a little "talker" and incredibly curious about everything!  :)  

The fireflies & my ladybug are fast asleep for tonight... I will figure out a good way to break the news to them tomorrow.  I had high hopes for this being a good week.. this will be the 3rd kitty funeral in a week's time.  Geez, come to think of it.. this is the 4th pet funeral in a month's time.. (3 kittens & Eduardo our pet turtle).

**Yeah, in case you're wondering.. "Eduardo" got his name from one of the characters on "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" on Cartoon Network--we got him after my oldest firefly's 1st grade class hatched him from an egg.**

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