Monday, June 16, 2008

mowing & migraines.. fun, fun

Today went relatively well... still a great deal left on all of my lists, but I was able to get the entire backyard at my folk's house mowed for them today. It's not that they really have a huge yard, but neither of them are physically able to mow anymore because of heart problems (among other concerns).

I typically mow their entire yard(front & back) once a week with no issues. Unfortunately, we've had a great deal of rain here in the last couple of months and their backyard is the lowest in their subdivision... they've had a lot of issues with water standing as deep as 4". They, with the help of my big brother, put a sump pump in their yard to help the issue about 7 years ago, but just as we were in the height of our little monsoon season here, the silly thing quit working! I had to wait until the back 1/2 of their yard finally dried out so that I could mow without sinking into the muck. It looks really nice & I should be back on track with my usual mowing schedule now as long as we don't get another mini-monsoon season again.

My agenda for tomorrow consists of taking my oldest firefly to his Summer Science Program that our school district is doing and then going to my folk's to mow the front yard. I ran out of steam to get the whole thing done today.. I had a migraine & starting feeling pretty crumby by the time the back was done. The fireflies & little ladybug had a great time playing at their Grandma & Grandpa's house today. They are all looking forward to us being able to put up their swimming pool over there this week, too. Their fenced backyard is a good location for the pool--our yard is not fenced & I'm afraid it would be an "attractive nuisance" for the neighborhood kids.

Once we were back at home from mowing today, despite the migraine I had a mountain of laundry to tackle. You know it's gonna have to be laundry day when everyone is almost out of clean underwear! (hee hee!) Well, it hadn't gotten quite that bad, but close enough.. so after taking some much need ibuprofen I started on all of it. More to finish up before a nice, long bubble bath & bedtime tonight, too. On a happy note.. the ibuprofen kicked in pretty fast & I am migraine free again!!!

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