Friday, June 13, 2008

a weight lifting off my shoulders...

I am starting to feel an enormous weight being lifted off of my shoulders as I continue to make major progress in the cleaning out & re-organizing of our house.

Several things have been the catalyst for my making a list (prioritizing by room) of all that is needed to get to my ultimate goal of no more clutter and a great deal more organization... I am tired of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of junk that accumulates around here & I am hosting my Bunco group next month. I used to be a lot more organized & probably a lot more sane, too come to think of it when my world(or most things) were in order.

Although I wish that I had gotten more done today, I am proud of myself for staying on task & doing a thorough job on the areas that I have done. It already feels better to walk into the entry area and the dining room(aka: dumping ground.. cuz there is a large flat surface to drop mail & whatever else on when you walk through the entry way). Old habits die hard.. it's a constant battle to keep up with & I am as guilty of dumping stuff there as anyone else in the family. The only person exempt from that guilt would be my youngest & at 13 months old our little ladybug doesn't clutter too much!

My little ladybug has played & crawled all over the house today. Every time she gets a chance she has made a bee-line for the stairs to go pester our 11 year old dog, who has been trying to stay out of the way of the vacuum on the first landing most of the day. My two fireflies have been sparking off each other the entire day with lots of shouting, too... they have finally gotten their playroom partially under control though. It has looked like 2 tornadoes(hm.. one that is 9 years old & one that is 4 1/2 that is!) have hit that room for a very long time(and we're not even gonna mention how their bedroom looks!). Perhaps we'll have to teach them some "baby steps" of their own in the cleaning of their areas this summer, too.

Well... I better get back on task and see what else I can get done.

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