Monday, June 30, 2008

good intentions & a great day

Ok, so I had the best intentions of posting something yesterday, but in the end it just didn't get done.  In fact, very little got done around our house yesterday, but we all had a good day & enjoyed just spending time with each other.  The kids got to swim for a while at my folk's house in the afternoon, too.

Yesterday morning we slept in a bit & went to church with my folks.  I was a little surprised that my husband was hip to the idea of visiting with them, but he said that it would give them a chance to show off the fireflies & our little ladybug to their friends.  The service ended up being their congregation's patriotic choir program, but it was pretty good.  I am super proud of my fireflies... their behavior was perfect!! :)   They were well behaved, polite when spoken to & quietly respectful during the program, too.  (unfortunately for them... we've seen their good behavior in action so we know that they can do it!).  ;)  Actually they are pretty well behaved & know what is appropriate for a worship service, etc.  

With the exception of our little ladybug, the fireflies have been going to church since they were 2 weeks old--it's old hat to them.  Ladybug was born 5 days before Mother's Day last year.. her debut was on Mother's Day at just 5 days old.  I had waited so long for my precious little girl that I wanted to show her off to everyone!  I have to say that last year was one of the best Mother's Days that I have ever celebrated-- I was so proud to show off my beautiful family.

Today the weather is beautiful(although we do live in the midwest & that can change in the next 10 minutes!).. sunshine always helps bring a smile. I know that it will come as a big surprise to my readership(all like 4 or so of you!), but I have a big list to accomplish today.. I've actually already gotten a lot of it done & it's only 9am! Thanks to the fireflies sleeping in a bit today(they are up now, but being quiet) & my little ladybug is still snoozing away upstairs.   :)  

I'm off to tackle yet another list & a brand new week with lots of wonderful possibilities...

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