Friday, June 27, 2008

just when it seemed the fog was lifting..

Just when it seemed like the fog was lifting & I was getting over the allergies/cough & cold... surprise!  I woke up feeling lousy again this morning. Despite getting a good night's sleep.. ladybug slept peacefully last night & as a result.. so did I! :)

Hopefully with a little help from allergy medicine and ibuprofen, I will quickly be on the road to feeling better. My head is pounding from a huge  sinus pressure induced headache right now.  I so.. wish that I could just crawl back into bed and disappear for a few hours until the medicine works it's magic--reality is that my fireflies & little ladybug need their Mommy.  Perhaps ladybug will take a nap with me in the recliner later on while I put in a movie for the fireflies to watch! ;)

Although I don't feel like doing anything at all today... the show must go on!  I am working on the never-ending laundry(which actually I don't mind doing that much.. yeah, I am one of those weird freakish people that actually enjoy doing laundry!) and hope to get the kitchen tackled later today, too.  Really not a great deal left in the kitchen.. a few dishes & the not-so-fun j0b of scrubbing the kitchen floor.  Usually I just sweep & use the swiffer wetjet on it, but it needs a serious deep clean... so I will have to break out the big guns this afternoon(or maybe tonight after the fireflies & ladybug are in bed... less feet to walk across it while it's still wet!).  

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