Thursday, June 19, 2008

hidden emotions...

Wow! I am almost not quite sure where to begin this post. While looking at some other blogs last night, I stumbled upon an amazing story of an incredible family who, although I've never met them in person, I feel like we are old friends. Their faith & example of trusting in God even when they are in the midst of the storm touched me & opened up feelings that I've kept hidden for a long time(although those feelings have never really been too far from the surface).

Most of the folks who read my blog on a regular basis already know about our journey(to a small extent) through losing a our son, Elijah Thomas, when I was just 20 weeks pregnant with him in October of 2002, then the loss of another baby at just 6 weeks into my pregnancy in February of 2003, and again losing a precious little one at about 5 weeks into my pregnancy in August of 2006. We have three amazing children here on earth and three precious angels in heaven, too.

I have debated about whether or not to dive into such a heavy subject like the loss of babies, but I was so moved by what I read on Angie's blog (, that I am dealing with emotions last night & today that I had been trying to keep hidden for quite some time now.

I am asking for patience as I start to take the "plunge" and write about my experiences with losing my little ones, too. I am not a professional writer.. don't claim to be.. just a Mommy trying to take baby steps through something that I have tried to avoid to some extent for a while.

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