Monday, June 23, 2008

allergies & floods & feelin' crumby, oh my!

Yesterday started with me not feeling 100% with my allergies still driving me crazy!  My husband was scheduled to preach at Indian Creek church of Christ in Hardin, IL yesterday morning.. that's about 45 minutes to an hour drive from where we live.  

If anyone has been following the news lately, you know(at least to an extent) that we've had a lot of flooding along the Mississippi river in the past week or so.. we take the Great River Road, which runs right along the mighty Mississippi, to get to our destination.  We also have to cross the Illinois river on our way, too.  We talked to one of the elders up there on Saturday evening & he told us about the detour that we would need to take to get to them for services.  It turned out that the detour didn't take any extra time & although we saw evidence in places along the river road of floodwaters having been on it in the past week, we didn't encounter any problems.

As is my tradition, I baked muffins bright & early yesterday morning for all of us to munch on while we were driving up to Indian Creek.  I discovered a long time ago that muffins are a very transportable breakfast item for the drive & hey, who doesn't like freshly baked muffins?! 

By yesterday evening, I was feeling pretty crumby & was pretty much useless in getting the fireflies ready & tucked into bed(thanks, Sweetheart for taking care of them).  Ladybug & I ended up falling asleep together in the recliner downstairs in the family room.  This morning I am still not feeling 100%.. perhaps a little better than last night, but don't have much of a voice today which could prove interesting if the fireflies decide to spark off each other.

Despite feeling crumby, I am determined to march on in my fight to get all of the items on my lists accomplished.  I will update later in the day on my progress!

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