Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a beautiful summer day

The weather today is absolutely beautiful!!  Sunny, about 80 degrees, low humidity & a wonderful light breeze. I have been drinking in the wonderful aroma of summer all day.

I got my folk's yard finished this morning and enjoyed watching my youngest firefly & my little ladybug play happily together, taking turns climbing & sliding down the small slide at my folk's house.  My biggest firefly was at his  Summer Science Program this morning..  so it was peaceful, no "sparks" flying between the boys.

It seems almost as soon as my oldest firefly gets in the van.. the sparks start flying between them.  Luckily they cut their ritual short when both their Grandpa & I jumped on them about it.  They have been playing nicely together all afternoon & are actually working on cleaning their playroom together, too.  I may have to check their temperatures!  Actually.. my husband promised to take them the the park this evening to launch some of the model rockets that he & our oldest firefly enjoy building together.  It's a fun "guy's" adventure for them & great bonding time while learning a bit about science, too.  To the fireflies though... it's just fun time spent with one of their favorite people.. they love doing stuff with their Daddy.  (me too.. he's a pretty good guy).

I am contemplating making a picnic for us to take to the park, too.  Sometimes the little ladybug & I stay home and let them just do "boy" stuff together.  I think I'll see what my husband would prefer..  it's beautiful out and it might be fun to have a picnic along with watching the big rocket launches. I understand and respect the fact that the fireflies need to have some special bonding time with their Daddy when I'm not around, too though.

My Dad always made a special effort to do stuff with my brothers & I individually.  He & I always had a good time on our "date" nights together & I can remember them like it was just yesterday.  Dad used to take my brother's to Kansas City Royals baseball games & was always super involved with them while they were in Boy Scouts... both of them are Eagle Scouts because of the involvement & fun that they all had together.  I "got" to tag-along on all the scouting "fun", too... I will admit to having fun occasionally, but can remember a lot of times when it was a real drag(pardon the pun-like reference to being a tag-along!).

It seems it's time to distribute some freeze pops to my fireflies.  I hope that you will enjoy the beautiful weather & all of the blessings that God has given you today, too.  Like I have said before, sometimes it is way too easy to take all our blessings for granted when life gets crazy & it feels like we're in the eye of a storm.. but God is always in control! 

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