Monday, June 16, 2008

pondering all of my 'to do' lists

I am sitting here this morning pondering what my game plan for the day & well, frankly what the rest of the week is going to hold. Aren't Mondays fun?!

I have a big list on my "get organized" agenda already & then there are other things that I am responsible for that I need to add to the list(s). My head is already starting to spin a bit & it's not even 9am! Oh the joys of being a grown-up. While I have always appreciated Peter Pan's mantra of "I'll never grow up!"... it's just not practical in reality. Playing with the fireflies & the little ladybug all day doesn't get the house cleaned, dishes done, bills paid, laundry done, etc.. (feel free to insert whatever other "fun" grown-up task you want). I've learned that from experience--although it is a lot of fun & sometimes all that "grown-up" stuff just has to be put on the back burner while some really cool memories are being made. I don't think that thought is always appreciated by my husband when he comes home & wants to know what I've done all day though. Sorry, Babe.

Having rambled about all of that, I better get this posted and get focused on making yet another list to keep myself moving toward my goal(s). Hopefully I will have a productive day(& week, too for that matter).. that is my ultimate goal at least.

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