Thursday, June 19, 2008

music at dusk

This evening we enjoyed spending time together as a family.  My folks had mentioned that they were going to Riverview Park this evening to hear the Alton Muny Band perform.. tonight was to be "Children's Night".  Every Thursday & Sunday evening during the summer for the past 118(yes, one hundred & eighteen years!), this band made up of folks from our community have performed free band concerts.

We decided to take our two fireflies & our little ladybug and check it out.  We're so.. glad that we did, because we all had a great time enjoying wonderful music & relaxing together.  The fireflies joined in the fun with JoJo the Clown(who has been a regular at the concerts for the last 31 years),as she led the kiddos around through the crowd while marching to the music.  After the little parade, she passed out candy to all of her little "clowns".  Our fireflies had a good time listening to the music, and although our ladybug liked the music(even bounced & danced to it some)... she was more interested in having  her hands held and walking all around this "new" place.  It was fun to watch her as she drank in all of the sights & sounds this evening.  

For a little while at least... I felt like I didn't have a care in the world (& that I really belonged) looking around at the faces(young & old) enjoying great music, their community & a perfect summer evening.  Ladybug & I ran into one of her little friends from Play Pals and it was neat to see them interacting with each other.. each little girl starting to spread their little ladybug wings socially(well, as much as 12 & 13 month olds really can!).

We have already decided that we need to make the summer concerts in the park a new tradition for our family. Other than watching my children enjoying their little corner of the world, it was nice to watch my husband relaxing and truly enjoying his family.  I wish that I could have frozen that hour of carefree enjoyment and somehow stretched it out forever.  

I think that sometimes it is hard for my husband to step back & enjoy the fireflies being little boys(and they are most definitely, without a doubt.. 300% boys!).  I suspect that some of that may stem from the fact that his parents divorce became final when he was 10 years old & he never received any kind of counseling during or after.  (I only share that to give some perspective as to what has molded him into the person he is today... never in a million years to hurt him in any way).  I love him with all my heart!

I admit that sometimes I get aggravated at behavior issues (etc.) with my two fireflies & it can be hard to just take a deep breath and remember that they are just being little boys.  We all had to learn, test the limits(& push buttons!) and drive our own parents crazy when we were growing up.. it has been that way since the very beginning. Just imagine what God thinks about all of us?!  I am so thankful for His patience, love, grace, mercy & forgiveness.

May I be the Mommy that He needs me to be to my two amazing fireflies & my adorable little ladybug!  And the wife that He needs me to be for my wonderful husband, too!

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