Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a good night's sleep

I am quite pleased to announce that I got a wonderful night's sleep last night! I also had a nice, leisurely bubble bath before bedtime, too. I love to take bubble baths long after my fireflies & ladybug have drifted off to dreamland(less chance of having little visitors that way).

The night before last was rough... our little ladybug was having issues with staying asleep for more than 30 to 45 minutes at a time starting very soon after the fireflies were asleep. The first couple of times I wasn't too upset because she is getting more mobile & cuddle times are getting to be fewer & farther between some days. By the time it was 1am and my husband and I just wanted to get some sleep I was getting impatient. My husband had to get up for work bright & early the next morning, so I wrestled with the still wired 13 month old ladybug in our bed. She finally gave up the prize fight at around 20 minutes til 3am! I carefully picked her up & placed her gently in her crib across the hall in her room. She must have truly worn herself out, because we didn't hear another peep from her until I had to wake her up around 8:30am the next morning! This episode(s) is totally out-of-character for our ladybug.. she has spoiled us since she was about 7 weeks old with sleeping all the way through the night, despite the fact that she was a breastfed baby. Even when she hasn't felt well while running a fever or struggling with a cold, she has always been a great sleeper.

My husband always jokes that his super power is sleeping... well, I would agree with that & believe that both fireflies & our ladybug have been blessed with those genes, too!

The weather is supposed to be beautiful again today & I am doing well with my lists of "to do's"... plus getting a great night's sleep.. that sure makes me a happy Mommy today! I hope that you will have a wonderful day & truly enjoy and appreciate all that God has given you, too.

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