Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am totally exhausted tonight!  I got the fireflies & my ladybug up early today and we all quickly got ready to go to my folk's house so that I could mow their yard for them before the thunderstorms rolled in.  There was minimal feet dragging, which was most definitely a welcome thing! ;)  

As we loaded into the mini-van, I happened to look up over the trees to the west of our house & saw some pretty ominous dark gray clouds... in fact they looked kinda "angry".  I was determined to beat the storms today, so we took off for my folk's place.  As we drove we encountered some light sprinkles of rain.. then some bigger drops.. and finally a full-on rain shower.  When we got there the streets in their subdivision were most definitely wet.. GREAT!  

We parked in the driveway & I unloaded the troops... we made some muffins with my folk's and enjoyed listening to the fireflies talk all about going to see "Wall-E" at the theater with my mother-in-law last night.  (they had a great time, ran into some good friends from church & made it home safely by 8:30pm).  I decided that since the grass was barely wet under the big sweetgum tree in the frontyard, I was going to at least get it mowed for them.

I got the frontyard done quickly and headed to the back to start on it.  The weather had cleared by that time & it was sunny and super humid.  I pushed really hard to get the back done before lunch... I thought I was going to die before I was finished, but I got it done.  :)

Lunchtime & the afternoon were nice.. my sister-in-law & her two ladybugs(2 1/2 yrs old & 1 1/2 yrs old.. yes, they're just 13 months apart!) came over for a couple of hours.  My Mom and I went over to McD's drive-thru and got sandwiches, fries, etc.  for everyone and we had a nice little picnic in their backyard.

After lunch the fireflies, all 3 ladybugs and myself put on swimming suits and got in the pool.  Oh did that cool water feel good to me today! :)  I did feel a lot better(with the exception of the heat induced headache) after chilling out in the pool for a little while.  My ladybug loved hanging out in the pool in her litte ladybug(seriously.. it's a ladybug!) float... she really digs the water.

Tomorrow looks to be an exciting day... my husband took the day off and we are taking ladybug to PlayPals and then going to a local park for our oldest firefly's Summer Science Program's last day bbq.  We also have to take ladybug back to the pediatrician tomorrow for a re-check.. I am not looking forward to that because they will have to do another cath on her. :(   (it's for the best to make sure that the meds worked.. but it's no fun for her--or Mommy to have to watch).  

Well.. it's time to put my newest Netflix selection in the dvd player & chill for a while. Hopefully I won't fall asleep in the middle of it! 

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