Monday, July 14, 2008

silence, feelin' crumby & 4 1/2 year old confidence

It has been several days since my last post.. computer problems seemed to be mostly solved, but we've been super busy with a lot of stuff the last few days.. so I have been letting my posting slide a bit.

Our congregation is having our Vacation Bible School this next week (July 20th through July 24th) and although I am going to be a helper in the nursery class(with my little ladybug).. my good friend, Amy, has enlisted my help in getting all the crafts prepped and ready to go.. so far I've traced & cut-out 64 pink craft foam pig parts for one of the projects and labeled 100 little bottles of bubbles for it, too. :)

Our oldest firefly is at camp all this week... we dropped him off yesterday afternoon & will pick him up on Saturday morning. The quiet that has settled on our house is very pleasant. ;) I am interested to see how the older one comes home this weekend.. in the past two years when he attended Pre-Camp(2 1/2 days long), he was almost hoarse when we picked him up... so, I'm thinking the quiet may continue for a few days once he's home if he has been gone to camp for an entire week!! BONUS!! ;)

My younger firefly is enjoying some more attention while big brother is at camp. He just about talked our legs off on the way home from taking his brother to camp yesterday. We've been busy doing pages in a big preschool workbook; we had lunch at my Aunt's house & played in the treehouse there.. lots of fun. We're planning a special trip to the St. Louis Zoo this week, too. I asked him what he liked best about his big brother being away at camp for a whole week & he told me "I like it cuz he can't be the boss of me when he's at camp!" :) Honest little dude, eh?!

I'm running a fever & have felt achy all day.. yippy! Hopefully I will be over this soon.. Mommy can't get sick(at least not for very long!). Despite not feeling 100% I am busy with laundry & 100 other things this evening. Well.. hopefully another post tomorrow! :)

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Feel better and have fun with your little ones. Our oldest is away at camp this week too. As a junior counselor!