Thursday, July 3, 2008

family day & ladybug update

Today was a good day for our household.  My husband took the day off so that he could accompany us to Ladybug's PlayPals class and our oldest firefly's Summer Science Camp's last day cookout.. also for reinforcements when I had to take ladybug to be re-checked at the pediatrician's office this afternoon, too.

Our morning went well.. everyone up, ready & out the door in plenty of time to drop of the oldest of the crew at his Science Camp, then off to PlayPals with ladybug & the other firefly in-tow.  Our class is big this session, there are 12 little ones(both fireflies & ladybugs) ranging in age from 6 months to almost 14 months(that would be our little ladybug!).

We got monsoon-ish thunderstorms in our area last night with lots of thunder, lightning & RAIN! Needless to say.. the venue changed from everyone going to the local park for the cookout to all of the parents meeting at the middle school & eating hamburgers, chips, etc. with our kiddos in the cafeteria.  We had a good time despite the plans changing though. :) 

My afternoon was quite exciting, too.  I went to 2 grocery stores all by myself! Ladybug was fast asleep and the fireflies were busy playing(my husband was working on building another model rocket to launch with the fireflies).  After I got home and put the groceries away, we loaded everyone in the mini-van and headed to my folk's house to drop the fireflies off for a little while so we could take our ladybug for her re-check appointment.

She was already totally hip to what was going on when we got to the pediatrician's office.. poor thing. I dosed her with some Tylenol before we left my folk's house so that it would hopefully be kicking in by the time she had to have the cath done.  It took what seemed like forever for the nurses(who are always awesome & super sweet with her) to get the cath in. Ladybug is trying to cut more teeth & as a result has horrible diaper rash.. everything is very sore and swollen in that area to start with, so she was none too happy with what was happening.  

On two happy notes.. her initial urine "dip" was perfectly normal!! :)  They will be sending it off to the lab for further testing, but don't anticipate any surprises.  Second happy note.. she has gained another 13oz! (we're getting closer to being able to turn her "big" girl carseat to forward facing.. little ones have to be 20lbs & a year old to be able to face forward--in case someone reading didn't know). We're getting closer, My Precious Little Ladybug! :)

We ordered pizza & started watching a movie from Netflix during our gourmet dinner this evening. Tomorrow we are getting together with some friends from church for a cookout at their house. I baked a double batch of brownies tonight & am in the process of marinating some chicken breasts to be grilled tomorrow, too.  I am going to make some homemade guacamole for tomorrow.. but it's better if you make it closer to serving, so I'll do that in the morning.

Well.. I am tired, a good tired this evening. We've had a good day together--everyone got along great today.. hopefully more of the same for the rest of the big holiday weekend!

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