Thursday, July 10, 2008

ridiculously huge post

So.. here it is, another ridiculously huge post... at least that is what my oldest firefly says that I am going to be doing instead of letting him get on the computer & play games on the Lego website this afternoon. Ya know.. I am just one of the mean Mommies that doesn't let there fireflies play online after they've been annoying & mouthy towards their Mommy at various times throughout the day.

He is getting ready to head off for a week of camp (we're all counting the days!) and has gotten a wee bit mouthy and very much teenage mutant attitude lately, too. I love him dearly, but he drives me crazy with the 'tude! He is a very bright and thoughtful kid.. most of the time though.

In actuality.. this is not going to be a ridiculously huge post today because I have had a headache all day long & we haven't really done anything very noteworthy either. Perhaps I will have exciting things to post about tomorrow. Better get off of here & prepare to make Breakfast for Dinner and gather up more camping stuff to be labeled and packed tonight, too.

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