Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, Everyone! :)

We had a busy weekend, but we all survived. We all enjoyed dinner with my folks, my Aunt & my "little" brother & his family Saturday evening. As usual.. we ate way too much, but the food was awesome and the leftovers are going to be very yummy, too.

Yesterday was a crazy day, but lots of fun. Vacation Bible School started last night at church and we were busy helping with all the details. We had a pretty good turn out for the first night.. 75 kids(including about 20 or so youth) and with the adults included in the count, we had about 150. It has been traditional for the kid count to rise as the week progresses as more of the kiddos invite their friends to join them.. so we'll wait and see what the week holds.

The fireflies had a good time & were worn out enough from it to sleep in for me this morning! ;) (that is always a good thing in my book!). Little ladybug, however, woke up when she heard her Daddy getting ready for work.. that's okay though, because after he brought her into our room she snuggled with me for a long time. :) She's really enjoying her recently discovered mobility, so the snuggle sessions are becoming fewer & farther between. Hey, ya take what you can get, eh?! ;)

Agenda for the day consists of some more laundry, house cleaning & taking the fireflies & ladybug to swim at my folk's house. The forecast is calling for thunderstorms here this afternoon, so I better get in gear so that they can swim before it hits!

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Sounds busy! I hope VBS goes well and you get lots of kids, always exciting to see new little faces learning about God.
A thunderstorm sounds just lovely. It is stinkin' hot here and not a cloud in the sky.