Wednesday, July 9, 2008

computer issues & a busy past few days

I'm back! We've been having some computer issues here at home & have also been super busy with all sorts of different things.. so my last post was on July 4th (that was 5 whole days ago!).

Bunco went great at my house on Monday night.. I ended up making italian beef for dinner & everyone loved it. We also had a bunch left-over, so we've been enjoying some yummy sandwiches, too. Yesterday was kind of a goof-off day, because it was much needed after my marathon of cooking & cleaning the two previous days! The house looks great though (if ya don't look upstairs!) and I feel way less overwhelmed to start tackling the rest of the chaos in the coming weeks.

My oldest firefly will be leaving on Sunday afternoon for a whole week for the 3rd to 5th grade boys week at Camp Ne-O-Tez. The camp is great & run by the churches of Christ in the metro St. Louis area. My husband went to camp there as a kid & loved it.. he is now the representative for our congregation on the camp board. This week is filled with lots of exciting gathering, labeling & packing for camp. :)

We are also planning on doing some fun stuff with the younger firefly next week while the big one is away at camp... unfortunately, he's at the age where he is too little to do all the big kid stuff & too big to do the baby stuff with our little firefly, too. He is stuck in the middle & has been acting out in his state of frustration of late, too. I am a middle child with one older brother & one younger brother (the only girl!).. and I can relate to that position in the family a great deal.

I am hoping to get back in the routine of posting daily again now that our computer seems to be back on the mend.. something about windows not booting at all.. sounded not good & complicated. Good thing my husband is the computer guy! :) Well.. I am on a mission to de-clutter the mini-van now--it is quite scary in there!

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