Saturday, July 26, 2008

whirlwind week!

This has been a whirlwind of a week around our household & I've been either too busy or too exhausted to post this week. I wanted to post something on Wednesday evening after we got home from Vacation Bible School, but because of an incident earlier in the day... I was in too much pain to type anything.

First of all.. VBS went really well this week.. we had an average of 160 for the week(that includes all the adults in classes & helping in general). Amy & I took care of all the crafts this year.. it went really well & we had more than enough to cover all of the kiddos. :) There were really only a couple of things that we decided we should change about the way that we did things this year, so.. although we're tired.. it's a good tired. :)

As I have mentioned on here before, I take care of yard work for my folks because of their health issues. Well, the week that my oldest firefly was at camp was super hot & humid, so I didn't mow for them.. which of course translates into their yard really needing to be mowed this week. No big deal.. I decided that I would do that on Wednesday morning since the fireflies had spent the night & were having a playday at my Aunt's house that day. Only having my ladybug in tow wouldn't be so difficult.. even with my folks having a doctor's appointment in St. Louis that morning, I decided I would just put her in the stroller with some toys & we'd be golden. ;)

So.. their evergreens needed to be trimmed and raked around, too.. so I decided to go ahead & do that and get all twigs picked up in preparation for mowing the yard. I started shaping the bushes and had gotten to the 2nd one, when all of a sudden something stung the back of my left hand. I remember thinking, "wow.. I didn't see a bee buzzing around.. & that really HURTS!!" ... about that time, I saw a big wasp fly back into the bush that I was trimming. They say that you learn something new everyday.. well, I had no clue that wasps like to build nests in evergreens.. apparently they do! I quickly unbuckled my ladybug who was just a few feet away in her stroller & grabbed her up with my good wing. I tore apart my folk's kitchen looking for the baking soda to make a compress like my Grandma always did for us when we got stung by bees as kids. After I left the compress on my hand for a while, I sucked it up and went back outside to finish trimming the rest of the bushes and clean up my mess. My hand was really swollen & red and hurt like thunder, but I worked through the pain to get the job done.

The other thought that raced through my head was "Gee, I hope that I am not allergic to wasp stings, 'cuz my folks are in St. Louis & my little ladybug isn't going to be able to help me at all!" My hand was swollen & really sore for a couple of days.. it's just now getting back to normal. I think that stupid wasp must have hit a nerve when it stung me.. I couldn't bend my fingers for a good 24 hours. The only thing that I can liken the pain to would be how horribly my hand ached every time I have had an iv in it when I had my kiddos. I sucked up the pain & got their front yard mowed for them.. the back still needs it, but it can wait a couple more days. ;) Later in the day we discovered another very active wasp nest in one of their other bushes.. all of them have been thoroughly sprayed with wasp spray!!

Yesterday & part of today has been spent working on the bottomless laundry! ;) I am one of those weird people that likes to do laundry.. but even I grow weary from time to time. My husband is mowing yards this afternoon/early evening and after he's done with that we're supposed to drop the fireflies off at his Mother's house so the two of us (with ladybug in tow) can go out to dinner together. We got some gift cards to Chili's and Applebees for our anniversary from my little brother & sister-in-law and from my sweet Secret Sister at church, too. I think Chili's sounds good to me this evening. :) My folks treated us all to dinner last Saturday(on our actual anniversary) and gave us a pretty card w/ a nice check in it, too. I don't know what is up with his Mother this year, 'cuz she always makes a huge deal out of our anniversary.. but didn't say anything at all about it & didn't give us a card or anything---kinda strange, but she's that way sometimes.

Oh well.. laundry is beckoning again. Washing our bedding and trying to get the towels all caught up again.. it's a never ending battle this time of year. :) I hope that everyone will have a wonderful weekend! Hopefully I will get a chance to post again tomorrow too & get back into the daily posting groove. ;)


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Ouch! Your poor hand! I hope you are all recovered. And Happy Anniversary, I hope you guys enjoyed your dinner out. Take care,

SAHM I am said...

She's probably 'forgotten' your anniversary because you still haven't forced me into reconciliation with her. Have I said thank you for that yet?!